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Client Testimonials

As a personal trainer there is nothing better than knowing you have made a difference to your clients lives. Here’s a sample of some of what my clients say about my sessions.

baby arrived on saturday! Amazing quick birth (exercise paid off), no issues for mummy, and baby doing really well. Thank you.
Joana, London


I very much appreciate Keith’s dedication to his client during training. His focus is on you 100% of the time; he doesn’t dawdle or engage in chit-chat with others during your session and he ensures that you learn the proper technique to execute a movement. I’ve learnt a lot from him about how best to train my body type, as well as very useful info about nutrition. Highly recommend.”Tell me about yourself and what you would like to achieve from working with a Personal Trainer. I will get in touch to arrange your Free Fitness consultation so we can discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.
Jenny, Canary Wharf, London


I’ve had Keith as my personal trainer for 8 months and can truly feel the difference. His knowledge and ability to incorporate both physical and psychological aspects of fitness has been extremely effective. Keith listens and focuses on my personal targets while also working towards achieving the utmost in overall health, fitness and wellbeing.
Catherine, St. John's Wood, London


Keith is a good motivator. Initially I wasn’t good at running and I hated it. Keith gradually made me build up my stamina and he used to run with me at my own pace. He gave me all the tips to lose weight and he encouraged me to eat healthy and always used to communicate as to what I should eat and so on.
Sri, East Ham, London


I am a regular client of Keith’s as I really enjoy training with him. Sessions are well structured, always fun and over time my mindset has completely changed to how I approach exercise. Being previously a mainly inactive older client I have changed so that exercise is a regular enjoyable part of my weekly routine. As a consequence I not only feel more energetic everyday, am fitter than I have ever been, I have developed an inner core strength and my body shape has completed changed with the biggest improvements being noticed around my bum and tum area. Keith is a pleasure to work with, both motivating and encouraging, I would recommend him if you are looking for a trainer.
Teresa, London


You have helped me with my strength and flexibility for golf and as a result I have improved my ball striking enormously over the last year.
Ian, London, City


Keith has invested a lot in my wellbeing and health, both inside and outside of the gym. He and I have identified a training regime that considers my body type and problem areas. He is cautious to consider my training needs as an individual and consistently provides advice about what to eat/drink and how to exercise outside of the gym. He is extremely professional, respectful and prompt. I have enjoyed training with him over the last 9 months and have seen significant changes in my overall shape and fitness level..
Sarah Gonzalez, Clapham, South London


Finding a personal trainer who takes well-being approach rather than a muscle-building / bulking up approach is not easy, at least to me. After working out at my current gym for a couple of months, it seemed to me that most of the personal trainers there were noticeably younger than me and also much more focused on building bulky muscle. My goals are more focused on agility, balance and weight-loss. I am very happy that I came across Keith and starting working out with him. His way of combining the elements that I find important has been a really positive experience. You can tell that there is educated thought and planning behind the work-outs with plenty of variety in terms of exercises and no risk of only tedious, repetitious lifting exercises. His way of judging your energy level and adjusting the program accordingly is valuable to me. I am happy to report that not only are my core and my major muscle groups much stronger in the two months or so that I have been working out with Keith but I am starting to see improvements in my sense of balance and my agility as well. I would recommend Keith highly to anyone who is looking for a very good personal trainer.
Johan Stromberg, London


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