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exercise plans for the over 30’s

Over the years I have learned how bodies change with age, which has resulted in me being somewhat of a specialist with clients of 30+ years of age. After working with me and following regular exercise routines, combined with good nutrition my clients quite literally feel 10 years younger

For most of my clients the focus is not on muscle building, but maintaining health through fitness. All the joints and muscles in our bodies need movement, and the more you move them the more supple they will stay. Keeping your body fit and healthy will ultimately keep your body looking and feeling younger for longer.

Benefits of regular exercise and keeping healthy:

Maintain a healthy weight
Keep you motivated
Keep joints and muscles supple
Reduce risk of injuries and illness
Increased energy levels
Physically and mentally look and feel younger


As your personal trainer I will develop an exercise plan specific to you, taking into account your current ability, lifestyle and any niggly health issues. This will be designed specifically to you and reviewed on a regular basis as your fitness and endurance levels increase.

My exercise routines are designed to not only reach your targets but give you over all wellbeing. Regular exercise and movement is beneficial to everyone, increasing your energy levels, keeping your joints and muscles supple and strong and reducing your risk of many serious diseases. Not only that but it releases endorphins that give you that exercise high, reducing anxiety and helping you relax.

I have developed a number of packages with exercise for the over 35’s in mind. These are all aimed at using every muscle in your body, while looking at your lifestyle as a whole. I strongly believe that over all well being can be achieved through exercise and good nutrition, which ultimately will keep our bodies active and healthier for longer.


Areas I work in:

I am London based personal trainer and work from Fitness First Berkeley Square and No1 Training Tower Bridge & City. I am happy to train with you at either of these locations. Or alternatively I am able to travel anywhere in London or the home counties, be it a gym, the park or your own home. Wherever is convenient and you feel comfortable.

To Arrange a Consultation and Fitness Assessment

email: keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk
phone: 07766 660394

It seems to me that most of the personal trainers are noticeably younger than me and focused on building bulky muscle. My goals are focused on agility, balance and weight-loss. I am very happy that I came across Keith and starting working out with him
Johan Stromberg, AGE

Find out more about my training packages

All of my exercise programmes are tailor made to you, your body, lifestyle and your goals. Find out more about my Fitness Packages or call: 07766 660394, keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk