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exercise during and after pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy provides a number of benefits to both you and your unborn child. Being physically healthy will even make your labour easier. But it is important that the exercises you are doing are suitable for the different stages in your pregnancy, and your individual needs.

It’s equally as important to re-start physical activity after you have given birth, not only will it help you to get back in shape after pregnancy, but it will increase your energy levels and chase away those baby blues.

Areas I work in:

I am London based personal trainer and work from Fitness First Berkeley Square and No1 Training Tower Bridge & City. I am happy to train with you at either of these locations. Or alternatively I am able to travel anywhere in London or the home counties, be it a gym, the park or your own home. Wherever is convenient and you feel comfortable.

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pre-natal fitness

Undertaking exercise during pregnancy and keeping healthy important for you and your unborn baby. I work with many pregnant women to help them adapt their exercise routine for each stage of their pregnancy.

Pre-Natal fitness can:

Increase your energy levels
Help you avoid excess weight gain during pregnancy
Help you get back into shape quicker after pregnancy
Reduce joint pain
Lower blood pressure
Improve chances of an uncomplicated labour

post-natal fitness

Post natal exercise and getting back into shape after pregnancy offers many benefits. Not only will it help you lose any excess baby weight, but it will also give you more energy and help you to relax.

Post-Natal training can help you:

Lose excess baby-weight after pregnancy
Tone abdominal muscles to develop a flat stomach
Increased energy levels
Improve muscle tone and strength
Improve pelvic floor muscle
Improved sense of wellbeing
My approach will focus on your needs, during and after pregnancy. Exercise and good nutrition will help you physically and mentally with your new lifestyle and the challenges it brings.

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All of my exercise programmes are tailor made to you, your body, lifestyle and your goals. Find out more about my Fitness Packages or call: 07766 660394, email: keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk