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weight management

Weight loss is dependent on both physiological and psychological factors. The key to successful and sustained weight loss is not just exercise but good nutrition and the right mental attitude.

As a personal trainer I will help you go through the mental process of losing weight as well as the physical side. Combining a bespoke weight management diet and exercise plan, I will help you figure out where you went wrong and how to retrain yourself to think and feel differently about food and exercise.

benefits of losing weight

Increased energy levels
Keep you motivated
Physical appearance
Increase metabolism
Mental wellbeing
Improved mobility
Reduce your risk of serious illness
Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
Improve your cardiovascular ability
Improved strength and muscle tone
Help you sleep better and awake more rested


Together we will develop a bespoke weight management plan. This will not only help you achieve weight loss, but maintain a healthy weight.  I will find a way for you to enjoy exercise, and experience the increased confidence that comes with weight loss and increased fitness.

My exercise routines are designed to not only reach your weight loss targets but give you over all wellbeing.   Weight loss and regular exercise is beneficial to everyone, increasing your energy levels, and reducing your risk of many serious diseases.  Especially those of us to carry weight around our middle.  Not only that but feeling good about yourself and your weight really will make a difference to your confidence and well being.

I offer a variety of fitness packages for weight loss and weight management. These will not only focus on the physical side of weight loss but look at every element of your lifestyle. I will review your diet, nutrition and lifestyle and be with you every step of the way to keep you motivated.


Areas I work in:

I am London based personal trainer and work from Fitness First Berkeley Square and No1 Training Tower Bridge & City. I am happy to train with you at either of these locations. Or alternatively I am able to travel anywhere in London or the home counties, be it a gym, the park or your own home. Wherever is convenient and you feel comfortable.

To Arrange a Consultation and Fitness Assessment

email: keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk
phone: 07766 660394

There are many benefits to weight loss. But the best part for me is seeing my clients confidence go up, as their weight goes down!

Find out more about my training packages

All of my exercise programmes are tailor made to you, your body, lifestyle and your goals. Find out more about my Fitness Packages or call: 07766 660394, email: keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk