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why choose Keith as your personal trainer?

As a personal trainer, my approach is not just about physical activity, but overall wellbeing.  My ultimate goal is to inspire positive change in your world through fitness. With the right technical guidance and psychological support anyone can reach their health and fitness goals.

Many of my clients come to me because they have been working out on regular basis, but not achieving the results they want.  Or simply they’ve reached a point in their lives where they know they need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Working out with a personal trainer can really make a difference between success and failure when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. After many years of training, I have the technical knowledge and experience to know which exercises will work for your body type and get the results you want.

For me being a Personal Trainer is not just about creating a bespoke exercise routine for my clients. I take a holistic lifestyle view, taking in account your age, body type, lifestyle, nutrition and overall health. Along with your objectives.

My clients don’t just see me as their training partner, I’m here as a sounding board, someone that helps them de-stress at the end of a hard day, someone they can confide in and enjoy training with. My aim is to work with you and create training sessions that reflect how you feel there and then, ensuring you get the best out of our time together.


why use a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous, with many people realising the benefits of training with a Personal Trainer over training alone.

So why do people choose to train with a Personal Trainer?

Motivation is by far the biggest reason why people choose to work with a personal trainer.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to gym tonight, but much harder if you have an appointment booked with me.

When you train I will keep you motivated, but the biggest motivation will be the consistent results you get from training with me.

I will know what is right for you.
My programmes will be tailor made for you, and only you.  I will monitor your fitness, decide what exercise intensity and style is correct for you, and progress it as and when you are ready.

The correct technique = results
You can spend your life exercising but it you’re not choosing the correct exercise or doing it properly you will never achieve the results you’re looking for.  My job is to ensure that every exercise you undertake is effective in reaching your goals.

Nutrition and lifestyle
Exercise, good nutrition and lifestyle all go hand in hand for over all wellbeing.  Whatever your goal be it to lose weight or gain muscle, I can advise you on how diet and lifestyle can help you achieve your goals.

Routines to fit with how you feel that day
My routines vary from session to session.  To make sure your body is consistently stretched to its limits and you don’t reach a plateau I vary the content of your sessions, so you and your body never get bored.  I can even arrange your session around your mood.

Fully Qualified
As a Personal Trainer I regularly train for new qualifications to ensure that I am at the top of my game and know the very latest in sports science.  Along with a varied spectrum of different types of exercise to ensure I can create a training programme to suit all my clients needs.

I’m flexible
Want to train in a gym, in the park or the privacy of your own home.  I can meet you wherever and whenever is suitable for you.

I’m available
In your weakest moments, when you want to give in, call me, email me I will talk you through to the other side!

Pay as you go service.
You pay for a gym membership whether you go or not.  With me, you pay for the time I spend with you and nothing else.

It’s fun
The key to my success is making my training sessions fun.  What do they say, time fly’s when you are having fun.

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All of my exercise programmes are tailor made to you, your body, lifestyle and your goals.  Find out more about my Fitness Packages or call: 07766 660394, email: keith@klpersonaltraining.co.uk